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Daily Archive for March 02 2018


Reconstructing My Own History

Ecclesiastes 7:10 ” Do not say, ‘Why is it that the former days were better than these?’ For it is not from wisdom that you ask about this.”

When we were kids we all had to take the brow-beating of our elders who went on and on about how their days were better. It only takes a little to see through that flawed line of reasoning. Each generation has its own triumphs and its own shame. Although, as we get closer to the end of the age, a general and short-lived rebellion against God and His people takes place, one should not abandon making this world better in every way possible.

It is a battle for the souls of men. I am the light of the world, Jesus said. I spend time with Him, THE light and then I reflect that to others. I received no orders to neglect and lambast Millennials, or the elderly, or the boomers. They are just people folks. Just lost people. When did I become so afraid of people? When did I start believing I could isolate myself from the people who need the light in me?

My command was to be in the world , but not of it. The command given to every Christian (and not a suggestion) was to “Go into the world and make disciples.”

We are leaving a few things out when we “reconstruct,” i.e. “re-remember and edit” our own history. There has always been sin. It has peaked severely, several times in history. Righteousness has had good effect also. The command to me and you is the same. If I love the lost then I can’t be afraid of them. Cautious yes, fearful; no. I don’t want to go back in time because I am not a fool. I need to be fully engaged, right now, with the things that count for Christ. I need to build relationships with those who need the light that comes out of me by God’s grace.

This light is strengthened in you and me because of the things we do and think while in private. If that private time is thinking of another way to escape the discomfort of this world, and blather internally about “the good old days,” then our life failed being what it was meant to be. The Lord gives a comfort and a joy as we are fighting the good fight. There is no heavenly comfort or joy , however, for those wanting only earthly comfort, then complaining about how much better the old days were. Even if we were right about, “the good old days” it is still earthly days, and far from the wonder and majesty of what is to come for you and me.

Really, we are saying to them, “Not only were my days better, but I am better than you!” All this, while smugly believing we have God’s approval in our ( holy?) isolation.

Would you like to know a secret? One of the predominate signs of the end times is that “because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.” Is that what’s happening to you? Have you stopped “leaning into” the battle?

I love how Romans 12:3-21 gives the right attitude to have in all things, especially the work of the Lord to be done by every believer; right here; right now. Who reads that and does not want to be that person! Paul said it while Nero ruled! He did not want to go back to the comfort of his rich life as a Pharisee. How wise Paul was to live his new life in Christ and impact his world, right in those moments!

Look, you cannot go back. Stop dreaming of it, for while you are seeking comfort in dreaming of ” the good old days” others are having to do double-duty in the current battle of this age; of this day; of this moment. Engage; engage; engage!

Matthew 5 / Matthew 24 / Romans 12 JWP 3/2/18

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