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I Single-Handedly Found A Solution For World Peace; Correction; Swirled Peas

I would have a word with all who make lists. I think it is a good thing. Aim at nothing and that is what you get, every time. Let us discuss “when” we do our list.
I notice I feel compelled to make “mental” lists, about the time I decide to carve out time to pray; first thing in the morning. I did not plan to make a “mental” list at that time, but I might as well, I thought, because the wonderful, godly, important things seem to get on that list. It never occurred to me that my enemy would love for me to do this wonderful thing, just about the time I get ready to pray.
You have an enemy. His motto is, “Anything but prayer!” If he were a soldier it would be his repeated motto. It would be on his helmet, and on his gun, and on his locker and on his clothing. Not for himself would it be written; but printed out to remind him of what to do to you. To keep you from prayer.
So back to the lists. When I pray I remove all distractions. But my enemy brings to mind all the things I need to get done on that day. It happens every time I pray. So I keep a paper and pen handy.
The devil really does flee if you resist him. And this list-ready paper and pen will help you as it helps me. I am amazed at how wonderful my list is! How subtle the enemy is, to want me to think on the most self-sacrificing, loving, powerful and wonderful things to do; but he wants me to do this to keep me from prayer. The mental lists that comes up in our minds is not bad, it is just the wrong time to think about it. A lot of sin is acted out by doing a good thing at the wrong time. Did you really catch that last statement?
So I keep that paper and pen handy. I stop for no more than a minute, write down the good things, which may really be from God, then back to spending time with God in prayer. He keeps reminding me I am a human “being,” “becoming” something wonderful in Christ, and not just a human “doer””
of lists. As one man told me, ” We worry about our ‘to-do’ list and not our ‘to-love’ list.
My list have solutions for world peace, poverty, reversing the second law of thermodynamics, how to have changes in my life by doing absolutely nothing to get those changes, how to look awake but be totally asleep, how to swirl peas in mayonnaise and not crust a one! I bet your list is even better.
“Anything but prayer.” Know your enemy. No, it is not Mr. McDougall down the street, it is a subtle voice that says, ” Do you really have time to pray with all the good things you need to do today? Look at that great list! You can pray later!” JWP

” But He would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.” Luke 5: 16
Luke 6:12, 9:18,28, 11:1, 18:1-8

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