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( A youth group fun game; Adults don’t do much better at it)


Each person is given a turn. Each has about 10.00 worth of various coins. Not that I don’t trust you, but you will be searched, fingerprinted, and checked with a metal detector if I don’t get my coins back. Lol. You find yourself in one of the situations below which will be read to you.
After the situation is described to you, pause for a moment, then lay down a coin that would represent how much emotion that would draw from you.

25 cents = Major events

10 cents = Less major events

5 cents = Slightly important

1 cent = Trivial


I don’t like the way I look, of course, but my friend had lypo and cosmetic surgery and now looks like the Taco Bell dog. Explain how much emotion that drew from you and why?

Car rides my bumper all the way to Mexia.

Car won’t start.

Somebody made fun of me, but did not know I overheard.

News broadcast said a mom made her 7- year- old shoplift items from a store, then child gets caught and mom abandons child and escapes. (true story)

Your future son or daughter gets married under ideal conditions.

My future child lied to me.

My future child admitted to me that they cheated (even though not caught, they confessed anyway); now he/she will not be on the team for a while.

Got speeding ticket.

I did not get the promotion.

I did get the promotion.

My future kid struck out each time at bat ,,,last 4 ballgames.

A close family member may be terminally ill.

Someone close died, as I receive the news, my future kids are looking to see how I react. How much emotion do you spend on that situation, at that moment.

A friend of my future kid comes over to play, and cleans my kid’s room.

My friend actually does what he says he is going to do.

I find myself, more and more, thinking about how I can make life a little better for others.

If you could spend more time with your future kids, but will have to make a lot less money to do so, would you do it? How much emotional energy do you give that one in deciding this?

( All the youth said whatever it takes to be with the kid; do that!) Many adults I gave this to were undecided for a long time! Sad.)

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