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No Loss- The Life Of A Real Christian

Sometimes even the hardest lessons given to men are not heeded.

Napoleon was exiled on the Isle of St. Helena for 5 years and died there. St. Helena is one of the most remote islands in the world. It lies 1000 miles SW of Africa. He only lived 52 years. He was the first “Emperor” of France in 1804. Even though Louis XIV rules for 72 years as a king, it was Napoleon who was considered the bright,shooting star of Europe. In that exile he wrote this to one of his generals.

” Now that I am at St. Helena, now that I am fastened down alone upon this rock, who fights my battles and conquers empires for me? Do men think of me? Who exerts himself for me in Europe? Who has remained faithful to my name?,,, Such is the fate of great men! Such is the fate of Caesar and Alexander; and then we are forgotten. How many and various judgments are passed on the great Louis XIV. Scarcely was he dead when the great king himself was left alone in the solitude of his bedroom in Versailles… He is no longer their master, but a corpse, the tenant of a coffin and a grave. Such is the approaching fate of the great Napoleon! What an abyss is there between the depth of my misery and the eternal reign of Christ who is preached, praised, loved, adored, and living throughout the universe! Can that be called death? Is it not rather life?”

Napoleon died in despair. The believer dies in hope. Romans 5 is a great passage to see that all we may suffer has a point to it. A plan to take away what does not fulfill us, in exchange for what can never be taken away. In one degree or another we are all narcissist in our old life, before knowing Jesus. That old life can come back to attack us anytime we get our focus away from Christ.

What God has set out to do in the life of every believer is to help us live a life with no permanent loss. When you realize you have a, “No-Lose” situation you can face life with assurance and daily hope. In Romans 5 Paul stated the benefits of that, “No-Lose” life. But he adds something that he thinks is even more glorious. He says we, “Exult” in our tribulations. He says this brings a hope that is not only future, but a hope that is daily as the old nature is burned out of us by trial.

Well, who likes that? Nobody, at first.

Then you see it working and you will rejoice as you find yourself ceasing to be afraid of each actual or possibly- future scenario. As you began to be at peace with the fact that people do not think you are the center of the universe. To begin to realize all your posturing and posing was for nothing. To feel satisfaction and joy in your walk with the Lord not really caring anymore if things here even get to your liking. You realize that something in you has to die before eternal life can affect you daily temporally life. You find time with Jesus and with other believers becomes the most important thing to you.

Will you ever be happy here on earth? Yes, you can be. It will not be because of a great set of circumstances. “Happy” is standing right in front of you; His name is Jesus. You spend time with Him, top priority time, not left-over time, and you will be transformed! You will be happy.

Don’t say, ” Oh, I know that,” but rather say, ” I am experiencing that, I am living that! ” Your new year will have gains and losses. Your eternal life in Christ, which is already working in you, gives you, “No-Loss,” and certainly no Napoleonic despair.

Romans 5: 1-9 / John 17: 3 / Ephesians 3: 20 /
Philippians 3: 7-14/

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