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TBC Sermon for October 27, 2019

Today, TBC presents a video by Ravi Zacharias: Why I Believe In Jesus. I watch this video often to reinforce my own reasons that I believe in Jesus and his salvation. Also, no matter how many times I have seen or heard this message, I always find a new reason to affirm my faith in Christ. Our Christian message is always under attack from those who want to see truth hidden and the Gospel silenced. As followers of Christ, we are called to defend that faith and make sure the Gospel is heard and understood by all. I hope you take this message to heart and share it with others.

Pastor Jimmy Petty will return for next week’s sermon continuing in the Book of Daniel. Join us every Sunday at our worship times–9:30am for Sunday School and at 10:45am for Worship Service. We’d love to see you here!

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