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Sermon 2 Hebrews 1:1-3 A 7-point description of Jesus Part 1 and 2

Sermon 2 Hebrews 1: 1-3 6/14/15 Teague Bible Church
Who? / What? /When? / Where? / Why?

Who wrote it?
Don’t know. It has strong “internal” authority to be included the “canon,” of Scripture. Also accepted early because it was assumed to be the thoughts of Paul, but thoughts written down by an associate. Most scholars do not hold to that, but believe it was written by somebody familiar with Paul, but not Paul, nor the thoughts of Paul given to the author to write down.
( Heb.2:1-4, contrast Galatians 1:12.)
What is it about?
Written to Jewish Christians, belonging to a real local church. They had started well in the faith, even suffering persecution, but now their walk had come to a crawl. They were reluctant to sever their last ties with Judaism which enjoyed the protection of Roman law. They now face the risk of irrevocable commitment to the Christian way. They are encouraged to continue to follow Christ.
When written?
Quoted as early as 95 A.D. Internal evidence shows it was written not long before the persecution of 64 A.D. For sure it was written before 70 A.D. because the temple system is spoken of as still active.
Where were they?
Probably Rome. That squares with the persecution that arose there on several occasions.
Why written?
They need to realize that the New Covenant is superior and permanent, and that there is no going back. To reject Jesus and go back to the elementary things is to be lost forever. They need to press on into this faith that is once for all. The mediator of this New Covenant is the Lord Himself. That fact alone makes it final. His sacrifice for them is once for all. It is the final, and full revelation of God. Several reasons are given to prove this.
Text: Hebrews 1: 1-3 A 7-point description of Jesus

1. “Heir of all things” He is “Lord” of all. He owns it all. He is before all creation.
He is the center point of all creation, the reason it was created.
Read Matthew 11:27
2. “He made all things”
READ Col. 1:15-19 and 2:8-9, John 1:1-3,14-18
Creation was conceived in the mind of the Father, but carried out by the action of the Son. That is a way to logically think about it at least.
Ex. The magnitudes of creation- A beam of light could make 450 trips around the earth in 1 second.
1.3 seconds to reach Mars. 2,000,000 years to reach nearest spiral galaxy; Andromeda galaxy.
Ex. Bacterial Flagellum- The miniatures of creation

3. “Radiance of His glory”
The “visible” manifestation of the “invisible” God. The incarnation of Jesus.
The invisible God veiled in human flesh. I John 1: 1-3
READ John 1: 18 and I Timothy 6: 15-16
What did Jacob, Moses, Elijah and others see? Anthropomorphism and anthropopathism.
The outshining of God, undiminished as it reaches out. No fading into the distance. The idea of unfading power of God reaching and affecting. Like the “Word” (logos) of John 1. The activity of divine will.
READ John 12: 44-45
************************( will start here on 6/21/15)***********************************
4. “Exact representation of His nature”
Greek; Xapaktnp- “character” -To cut, to mark, to imprint.
Does that sound like a word we use today?
We say someone made an “impression” on us.
Ex. Gold in a mold. The mold puts character marks into the gold and gives it permanent shape.
What is the shape of the quality and attributes and intentions of God if seen perfectly in a
human? It is Jesus. While in incarnation on the earth, He is “functionally” subordinate
to the Father, but not “intrinsically” subordinate to the Father.
Ex. Child looks like biological parent
John 10:30 “I and the Father are one” Not the same person, but the same essence.
Greek: Neuter gender ( hen ) here rules out any thought of this meaning “one” in person.
It means “one in nature” with God. The hearers knew exactly what He
was saying! Ck. V.31-33 A description only true of God Himself!
READ John 14:1, 6-9

5. “Upholds all things”
Col. 1:17 “in Him, all things hold together”
Ex. Albert Einstein- last 25 years of his life trying to formulate the unified field theory. Some higher law of physics that holds together the 4 lower laws;
Strong nuclear- energy travel of radio, micro, ultraviolet, and gamma rays.
Weak nuclear- beta decay of neutrons in radioactivity
How do these things act at a distance?
Job 26:7 “He hangs the earth on nothing.” (gravity)
Heb. 1:3 “upholds all things by the Word of his power” (The nuclear and electromagnetic forces)

6. “He made purification of sins”
First mention of His work as our high priest
All who responded to the revelation God gave them, at any time in history, are saved by the blood of Jesus. O.T. believing remnant and N.T. era believers. O.T. saints were saved on credit. They looked ahead to the cross; we look back on the cross. Only one plan of God, but progressive unfolding of His plan through the ages.

Respond to the revelation you have:
If a person runs from God, on the little he knows now, why would more revelation help him?
Ex. Luke 16: 28-31 Advanced info, miracles, would not convince the self-centered life.
Ex. John 7:17 “If anyone is willing to do His will, he will know of the teaching,
whether it is of God or I speak from Myself.”

7. “He sat down at the right hand of the majesty on high”
“sat down” John 10:12 “it is finished”
“at the right hand” supreme authority to command
This is where Jesus was before (John 17:5,) but He has proved His right to it, by His suffering love for us.
The plan of God; and the motive of God can be trusted.

II Cor. 8:9 “ for you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.”

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