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Podcast – Sermon 12/15/2013

NOTE: Some audio problems with the original recording

Rich Man/ Poor Man- Appearances have blinded me-A Christmas Message?  

    James 2: 1-9                                                                              12/15/13

 “Daily” abiding in Christ is the key to living the full and abundant life that Jesus spoke about in John chapter 10 and 15. No one big experience with God; no miracle you have seen, no amount of past theological education, can substitute for a daily walk.

 However, we continue to believe the lie that if our time in history were different, or our current circumstances different, we would somehow be better Christians. 

 Some say,“ If I had lived during the 1st century, right there in the pocket of Jesus’ miracles, and the Apostles miracles, when it was all fresh, I would certainly be a better Christian than I am in this modern society. Those people were not facing the same problems that we face!”

 The truth is they faced exactly the same problems that we face, and many had not only seen miracles, but in the case of Peter and the apostles, had actually performed them!

 And our text today will show that Christians, in that day, were very susceptible to falling into the sin, (that is easy to avoid) of  judging people’s worth by appearances.

Particularly the appearance of success shown by how much money one has.

 Example (Of going by appearance) Even after Pentecost, with the coming of the Holy Spirit to help them understand, from the inside out, (instead of by appearances I Cor. 2) we see Peter having a difficult time in obeying the changes that have taken place ( Acts 10 and 11.)

 Example: Galatians 2: 11-21 Peter and Barnabus go backwards and, for a moment , because of appearances, denied a vital truth of the Gospel!

 Example: Paul and the apostle’s terrible treatment not only by unbelievers, but believers as well. All because of  appearance!  They were the “real deal” but looked unimpressive.   II Corinthians – chapter 4/6/11

 READ  II Cor. 5:12

 READ  II Cor. 5: 16


TEXT:      The Appearances of Money   James 2: 1-9

 “Giving value to a man by what he has, over what he is”

 A poor, unbelieving man entering this kind of church would hardly believe the Gospel message, once he see the seating arrangement!

Example: I get my brother to go to church with me.

                    What did he see? Answer:  A dog and pony show


Example: Traveling Evangelist/Preacher with the 2000.00 suit, right here in

                    Teague. “What did you think about the message?” I said.

                        He said, “I stopped listening after I saw the suit he

                             was wearing!”


The Christian poor; if free from envy, enjoys a great position if he wants to please God.

 (Side point)  QUESTION:  Having trouble with envy?    READ  Psalms 37: 1-26

 James 2: 5  “Rich in faith”

 The language does not mean “quantity” of faith that compensates for the financial lack, but rather that they have this complete faith as a possession by being born again. It can be, potentially, easier for these folks to see their need.

 Just being poor does not make you spiritual. Like everybody else they can be prideful and sinful and not seek God.


 We must remember what Jesus spoke about being

     “poor in spirit” in  Matthew 5:3

 The financially poor cannot put on a show. It becomes evident to all that they have little of the means of this world.

 Those who know they don’t have the riches of the world can be quicker to see their spiritual poverty as well. (Contrast Revelation 2:9 with Revelation 3: 17)

 READ   Jeremiah 9: 23-24a

 QUESTION:  Do you feel rich or do you feel you are barely making it along?

 READ  Ephesians 1: 3-8a   “The treasure chest verse”

 I can just hear someone say, “Well yea, but that won’t get you a job!”


READ Matthew 6: 33   “Seek first the kingdom, and its righteousness, and all 

          these things   (material things you need; really most of the times

                  we are talkingabout wants anyway)   will be added unto you.”


What is the first thing that you think about when your feet hit the floor in the morning?

 READ  Matthew 6:32  “Your heavenly Father KNOWS that you need

                                           all these (material) things.”


The key?  Put first things first!


Put 1st things 1st and you get 2nd things thrown in for free

       (I Kings 3: 5-15.) You put 2nd things 1st and you lose both 1st and 2nd 

         things.  You certainly will lose any happiness coming from material things,

             once you decide to forget about God in your daily activities.

 Some say, “ I am really going to serve God one day, just as soon as I get this 

        current situation straightened out!”


If that is what you think, then it will never happen; because you will never feel like all situations are “straightened out.”


I believe these folks are as sincere as the day is long when they say such things but they are also blind to the truth. Appearances have caused them to think that the material things are more important than the spiritual. Material things are solid, they say, and maybe after many years, they might be satisfying, but that spiritual stuff is whispy and kinda optional. We would not say it that directly, but our lives show it.

 Final: So how does this all relate to Christmas? How does this related to appearances?

 What was the appearance of Jesus coming into this world? If you were going to make a big impact on this world and had the power to do anything, what would you do?

 1. God chose humility ( Philippians 2) and entered as a baby in weakness.

 That same weakness made it possible for men to kill Him. ( II Corinthians 13:4)

           In the most obscure way, the Savior is born into poverty, in a cow stall. 



2. He spoke in parables 



3. He would do a miracle then do all He could not to advertise it,

         at least at the first.                      WHY?


4. His own half-brothers want Him to make a big splash and get the PR game going, but Jesus refuse to do it their way. WHY?

 This was the only way that people would come to Jesus for the right reason, with the right humble heart to receive His free gift of  eternal life.


Rich man/ Poor man- Appearances are blinding me – A Christmas Message?


The real meaning of Christmas? 


II Corinthians 8:9  “ For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you through His poverty might become rich.” 







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Podcast – Sermon 12/08/2013

Technical issues – the first 7 minutes are lost


James 1:19- 25                          Doers of the Word                      12/8/13


While  1:19 ( quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger) can, and should relate to our dealings with individuals we encounter each day, we see that James’ primary emphasis is being “quick to hear” the Word of God as revealed in New Testament, the Gospel message, that “perfect law,” that “law of liberty.”


Sometimes we are too quick to say, “Yea, I got the message,” when the reality is we do not “have it.”  


Some of you are teachers and know that there are 6 levels of learning:



                                                                                                          Synthesis              Synthesis

                                                                             Analysis              Analysis                Analysis

                                                 Application         Application         Application           Application

                     Comprehension  Comprehension   Comprehension   Comprehension    Comprehension

Knowledge   Knowledge        Knowledge          Knowledge          Knowledge            Knowledge 



Example: Sunday school teacher/ for a teenage girl’s class/ teaching on modesty.

   Later, the teacher is on the beach, and notices that same girl that was in class, there on the beach, in a string bikini! When she ask the girl why she was dressed that way, (after saying she believed in girls dressing modestly,) the girl said, “ I believe in having a boyfriend also, and this is how you get a boyfriend.”


Focus today is James 1: 22-25 ******************************************


James’ jump-off point is, “the word” from 1: 21. The Gospel message , the New Testament,  the fulfillment of the preparatory message of the Old Testament.

 Three verses help us to KNOW- COMPREHEND- APPLY this passage to ourselves today.


John 1: 1-18    The Word


Romans 10:17    The word increases faith


Colossians 3: 16    Let the word of Christ richly dwell in your heart


MAIN TEXT: *********************************


1: 22   “Prove it out in experience” ( Check Romans 12:1-2)

 God works through the new nature He has given us as the Holy Spirit abide there showing us how to apply the Word of God in daily circumstances.


You must be exposed to the Word of God on a regular basis!

       It must operate at those deeper levels of learning


Example:  “AKROATAI”   “Hearers Only”   Tyndale Commentary

 “Deceive yourself”  It really is possible to fool yourself!

 If you have “knowledge,” but remain at the same comfort level– you do not have it. No real change has occurred.

What do we mean?

 In gaining something you do not have, an uncomfortable change must take place; then , and only then, do the new pleasures of activating the Word of God at deeper experience levels take place in your life. You find God’s will for your life and find it fits you like a glove!

         (Romans 12: 1-2) A renewed mind comes by absorbing the Word of God!


Example: We have heard people say, “He lives and breathes sports!” To know the game, play the game from childhood, now playing the game professionally, now coaching professionally, now writing books about the sport, etc.


MISERY is clearly seeing what you want to become; but along with this seeing is an equal desire to “not change a single thing” in your life to obtain the goal.

 Everything in life takes;

 1.Desire” and you get more desire by absorbing the Word of God;

  2.Then you need “Training /skills” to be different. You get this from the Word of God also.

       Be humble enough to sit under someone dedicated to teaching the Word of God.

 3.Then you need “Endurance.” Allow the training time to kick in and get a good hold.



1:23   “Looks at”  –  KATENOESEN –  it means  “A quick glance”


1: 24-25   A long, intense examination, view   -PARAKUPSAS-  from two words in greek;


               Para-   “to line up and be in sink with”


                Kupto-  “to stoop down to look”


“To stoop down and line up your eyes to take a long look”


Example:  Mary “stooped down” (katenoesen) and looked into the empty tomb


1: 25   “Perfect law; law of liberty”


              Romans 8: 1-4  


               Hebrews 8: 7-13 


                Galatians 3: 21-29


(1: 25)   “Blessed in what he does”


A person that can take or leave the things of this world.

  He allows the Word of God to direct him and uses the things of this world, if needed, to achieve the higher goals of pleasing God.  Matthew 6:33


Summary: So instead of , “just a glance at my walk with God, then off I go to do my thing of trying to make myself happy with the bare minimum of my time spent with God.”

 You become a “doer of the Word” and fully integrate that message into your life.

 An unexamined life is not worth living


An unexamined faith is not worth having


 Final: The “idol” the preacher dare not mention today is the idol called,  “ I am so busy.”

 It is the “soul-killing idol” that keeps us away from God


 Example :  People stay “over busy” to avoid emptiness


  (This was one of the key factors in leading me to the Lord at 19 years old. I deliberately stayed busy to avoid my own emptiness. As I saw the truth of that emptiness, it eventually led me to turn to Christ)


  Blaise Pascal  1623-1662  Scientist/mathematician/Christian

 “Nothing is more intolerable to man than a state of complete repose, without desires,without work, without amusements, without occupation. In such a state he becomes aware of his nothingness, his abandonment, his inadequacy, his dependence, his emptiness, his futility. There at once wells up from the depths of his soul weariness, gloom, misery, exasperation, frustration, despair. Sport, pleasure, entertainment and society are so often pursued nor because they bring pleasure, but because they take men’s minds off themselves.”

                    There is a better life for you! Do you want it?








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Podcast – Sermon 12/01/2003


Roadblocks to The Gospel                 12/1/13


OPENING: Short verses, easy to remember, to be used in a moments notice.



POINT: Our verse today is one of those valuable short , easy to remember verses

                  that will save you time and time again.


JAMES 1: 19- 21     READ vs. 19 only


“The Single Biggest Problem With Communication

    Is The Illusion That It Has Taken Place”   ( George Bernard Shaw)


Albert Mehrabiah /1971 study:  Real Communication

          Not correct in every conversation, (for example; in college classroom, exegetical teaching, etc.) but it somewhat close in percentage in marriage relationships. Overall it does reveal an important truth we ignore at our own peril.


       7%   WORDS  ( What is actually said)


               38% TONE OF VOICE  ( How we say the words)


                     55%  BODY LANGUAGE

                                 ( clues and signs that you are bored or interested)




Example: * A couple disagree in parking lot at Wal-Mart yesterday


                  If you have been through the “Love Bank Seminar” with me you

                       know the second part is called, “PROTECTION.”


PROTECTION from :    1. Your Anger

                                            2. Annoying habits

                                                3. Pushy demands


You are to be your wife’s “husband” / (one who nurtures) / not her teacher or her parent. You are to be his “wife;” one who supports, helps, and respects him, and defers to him.



PROTECTION from:  1. Your Anger


“Never punish your spouse; never curse, make disrespectful judgments, or lecture by verbal reprimand; express your anger as a feeling, not as an instrument of vengeance!”


* What he said in parking lot was, “Let me tell you what your problem really is!”


Other statements we make in marriage like it ,


                                         “Straighten this out or I will have to step in and fix it,

                                              since it is obvious you can’t do it!”


                                               “ I just can’t trust you to do it right , can I?”



My Question I had on this verse:  I can see the connection between “ quick to hear

                                                        and “slow to speak,” but I never got the connection to,

                                                                   “slow to  anger” till much later in my life.


The word of ANGER in this verse is-


                     “ORGE”  a slow wrath; a bitterness that sets in when

                                           related to people or the events of life.

                                               It subtly carries over into your conversation, via tone of

                                                    voice and body language.


The Greek for a quick outburst is “THYMOS.” Not used here


This kind of anger is a big distraction to communication of the truth of the word of God, and the receiving of the word of God.


Example: Colorado session I taught on “Loving Your Wives.” A man refused to go

                      to the session. Recently divorced, so listening might ruin his new attitude

                         that, “all women are bad.”  A slow anger and bitterness





     “ Sin has messed up the world and I doubt that God can do much about it.”




Specific attitudes: Sources of anger


1. “People fail me over and over so why try to get anything productive going?”

       ( this assumes you are the center of the universe) 


2. “I keep failing so I must not be getting anywhere in my walk with God!”


3. “God intercedes too much and spoils my fun!” 

                   (ck. Website  J.B. Phillips  “ Conscience.”)


4.  “God should intercede more!”  (Ex. Johnny Cash – Man in black)


5. Failed dreams and expectations


6. Feeling you have no control over your life


7. Aging- opinionated, grumpy



All these angers blind you to the new life you have inside; given to you by Christ through the Holy Spirit!


READ vs. 20-21


If we don’t act like our Lord, by restraining our anger ( loving, forgiving, giving to the ungrateful, reserving judgment till later), then our anger puts an obstacle to others seeing our Lord.


 And is this not what we want most of all; to clearly be a witness to the lost?


Is that what you want most of all?



If so we must live to the new nature. You can only do that by giving up all hope that the old nature will improve; it will not improve! That old self is completely anti-God and fully selfish and will not get better. Given all the time in the world and a perfect set of outward circumstances and it will still be the same sinful self! God works through the new nature in Christ given to you when you believed the gospel and were born again.


READ Ephesians 4: 24-32 

                 (note vs. 31 all these related to speaking through the grid of anger!) 


Both James and Paul assume this can be done. “Putting aside” / “Put on the new self”

         They make it sound easy! How could that be?


The hard part is the surrender ( Romans 12:1-2). The easier, yet a little off- balance part, is practicing walking in the power of the Holy Spirit (working through the new nature we have in Christ!)   

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Nursery: Dec. 8.—Bev.

NEW BIBLE STUDIES: Young Singles Group starting Sunday Dec. 8 @ 9:45am. Young Couples Group starting Sunday, Jan. 5 @ 9:45am.

CHRISTMAS AT TBC: Friday, Dec. 20 @ 6pm. Potluck, Table Games, & Bonfire. Children’s Music Program after we eat (If you could have the kids there at about 5:00 P.M. for our practice of four songs)

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