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Monthly Archive for September 2016

SPT 09/27/16

SHARP POINTY THINGS: FINDING TRUTH THROUGH A BODYGUARD OF LIES. This week, we’re discussing a quote from Winston Churchill: ” In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” With recent events, we’re seeing a large number of “bodyguards” keeping us from Truth….some even impersonating Truth to draw us away from our target. We’re going to discuss how we get past that wall of Lies and find the Truth in the events shaping the world. Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday, 6:30pm at TBC.

Reference point for this topic: http://www.dancarlin.com/common-sense-home-landing-page/
A Bodyguard of Lies. (podcast).

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Announcements for September 25, 2016


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SHARP POINTY THINGS: REST AND RECREATION. This week, we’re discussing the things we enjoy doing when we have a little free time. Reading, fishing, gaming, or anything else….What is your way to relax? Feel free to bring it with you tonight to show the group. Tonight, 6:30pm at TBC.

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We had the joy of working the concession stand a few years ago at a major football game with our brothers and sisters from Kingdom Fellowship Bible Church. All were busy from 4:30 P.M. that afternoon till about midnight. We had our TBC shirts on, and they had there KFBC shirts on. That was hard work, but a lot of fun.
If there was any racism it had to quickly evaporate considering the joint mission we were on. We love these guys! We had talked about having joint services with them from that point forward. Well now the time has arrived! Sunday, September 25 at our church, 11:00 A.M. service, KFBC will join us at our church.
People tell me they want to make a difference. In light of the national unrest you would think Christians would want to take action. Here is your chance to prove it out. Be with us on Sept. 25 and the following Sunday at KFBC. No excuses. God can do a great work among those who really and truly love the Lord. JWP

Sept. 25th – at TBC – 10:45 am -Sunday morning. Wayne Williams speaks.
Oct. 2 – at KFBC – 10:45 am – Sunday morning. Jimmy Petty speaks.

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Sharp Pointy Things 09/13/16

Get Disciplined, Not Motivated

This Tuesday, we’ll discuss the difference between Motivation and Discipline. Which is more important to develop as men and as Christian? Which one do you rely on? And how have you developed Motivation and Discipline in your life?

(Disregard the link I posted earlier. It was a good idea expressed with bad language. The link above expresses the idea better.)

Looking forward to seeing you at TBC Tuesday, 6:30pm.

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